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30+ Muscle Building Experts reveal their secrets to training, nutrition and programming on how to build and maintain muscle

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December 9,2018

December 26,2018

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The Muscle Building Summit has brought together experts you see in fitness magazines, PRO status athletes from IFBB to IDFA organizations. Each presenter has a specialized area of expertise with a long standing, proven track record of success. We are privileged to have assembled 30+ top experts in the field of muscle building.

These experts will teach you how to build muscle. They have collectively trained thousands of people throughout their careers and they are brining all of their knowledge directly to your screen!

This exclusive online event is packed with value and information! Here is a sneak peek at our Seven Phases of Success.


The last 3 or 4 reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That's what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they'll go through the pain no matter what happens.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mr. Olympia winner 7 times


Results happen over time, not overnight. WORK HARD, STAY CONSISTENT AND BE PATIENT 

Kayla Itsines

Founder of Bikini Body Guides 


Being Negative and Lazy is a disease that leads to pain, hardship, depression, poor health and failure. Be pro active, and give a damn to achieve success!

 ​Phil Heath

 IFBB professional bodybuilder and the current Mr. Olympia



 ​​larissa reis

​IFBB professional athlete, certified personal trainer, nutritionist

The Muscle Building Summit will be broken down into 8 Phases


You will learn how to approach muscle building by setting a blueprint for training that is specific to your body type, needs and gender. Women and men have different goals when it comes to shaping their bodies. Think of it this way; whether you are building a house or an office building, you will need a foundation but the foundations for each of these is different. PHASE 1 is key to establishing the right foundation and mindset for goals that are specific to you.


To suggest that a 240 lb. man and a 115 Lb. woman can eat the same way to achieve optimal muscle growth is exactly the “one size fits all approach” that causes failure; not “rep” failure, but the wrong kind of failure. Are the macronutrient needs of a man and woman the same? Do they synthesize protein the same way? Caloric and macronutrient intake for muscle building are vastly different from weight loss or maintenance protocols. PHASE 2 will help you set a baseline for what your caloric and macronutrient amounts should be in order to maximize muscle building.


The textbook definition of periodization is "the progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period." Think about it; if you gain even one pound of muscle, almost EVERYTHING you are doing needs to change on order to keep progressing. When your body goes through any changes, you become a different version of “you.” This means your nutrition and training needs will require tweaking. Sound complicated? Only if you don’t have the right information. The good news is that the Muscle Building Summit experts will make it easy for you to understand what to do in every stage of your training.

PHASE 4 - Micronutrients and Metabolism

Now that we have established your basic nutritional needs for muscle building, the micronutrients need to be addressed. Or do they? Do things like: fluoride, selenium, sodium, iodine, copper and zinc, matter in building muscle? What about vitamins C, A, D, E, K, and the B-complex vitamins? Our experts will teach you which micronutrients to focus on and also which supplements you should be taking in order to optimize muscle building, as well as the ones that don’t do anything at all!

What about metabolism, the master engine? Thyroid, BMR and the like have a profound effect on muscle building. Can you really stoke your metabolism? Learn how to determine if your metabolism is damaged and how to repair it!


Pack on the muscle you want in the fastest way possible by focusing on the right exercises, the ones that are essential for building muscle. Are these the same for men and women? What order should they be done in? Learn about building a balanced physique so that muscles work in a proportionate way for optimal results. Of course, when you put in the time and effort, you also want a body that is aesthetically appealing, with great symmetry. For men, this might be the tapered V look, sporting a massive, powerful chest and narrow waist. A woman’s goals may differ, some are not looking for “size”, as much as a toned and sleek physique; maybe leaner legs, a leaner butt, a “bubble butt” etc. Our experts will focus on the exercises from their own experience which they call “the essentials.”


Depending on where you are in your muscle building goals, whether you should use a total body or split routine going forward can have a “make or break” effect on your progress. Our experts will teach you how and when to set up your training as a split or total body, whether to train for size and hypertrophy, endurance, strength and definition etc… How many sets, how much weight, how many reps? Should women train and eat differently than men?


What happens when the results stop coming? They always do! Your body needs to be “forced” beyond it’s sticking point and “shocked” into growth. But there is a proper way to shock the body and a host of “plateau busting hacks” the Muscle Building Summit experts know and they are spilling all their little secrets.

Don’t get stuck! Get “un-stuck” with the information only the elites know.


Everyone has strengths and areas of challenge in their various muscle groups. You may have an east time putting size on your chest, but biceps are much slower to grow. Since by Phase 7 we know you have the information you need to train and eat for maximum muscle building, it may come down to mother nature and genetics. Learn how to go after your areas of challenge with structured “weak point” training.

Experts delve into hot trending areas and exploratory advanced techniques such as occlusion training, resetting circadian rhythms to create optimal conditions for muscle building, bio-hacking and more.

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Level Focused Corresponding Mind Set-pieces -
Masters of Motivation

Dai discusses why you should look at fitness as a lifelong journey/pilgrimage that will improve both your physical state and the massive shift from a spirituality/mental standpoint that takes place.

The concept of daily deposits, as opposed of the “all or nothing” mentality.

Dai addresses mind set-pieces and approaches for those who have never lifted, those who have lifted but are stuck, and those who are making constant gains and are hungry for more. He says each of these bring with them, their own starting point.

On the practical side of fitness, Dai speaks about the Ketgeonic approach that keeps his body’s muscle in tact while remaining, lean, strong and mentally alert.

Dai Manuel

Staying Sane Through Muscle Gain

"You WANT the scale to go up!" What? Are you kidding me? Esther Avant says; “yes, you do!”

Esther brings her Exercise Science degree, Cooper Institute, ACE certifications and life experience coaching women for muscle and strength building to this women’s focus session!

 If you have finally come to a place where you realize it is not about the scale or just the "Calories Burned" number on the cardio machine display and are looking at weight training to firm up your physique, Esther teaches teaches you what behaviours are going to need tweaking and what you can expect as your body journeys through a transformation to a tighter, leaner you!

Esther Avant

Eshter Avant

The Most Common Errors Made in Approaching Muscle Building

Are there benchmark tests or assessments a person should have done in order to determine their condition and “eligibility” for certain exercise programs?  Are there specific exercises I should/should not do based on my muscle building goals, things that can backfire?

John will teach you what to focus on when setting up your muscle building goals so you can design a blueprint for success by also incorporating the often neglected but important role of function in the world of hypertrophy.

John Sifferman

Getting Control of Your Life Through Weight Training -
Masters of Motivation

Topics include:

Why in the age of information and endless resources people continually fail to achieve fit physiques

What is a peak state

How should entrepreneurs and business people plan their fitness lifestyles

Why “mind over muscle” is the best strategy

How weight training will help you get control of your life

Lucas Rubkiewicz


The Most Common Weight Training Injuries and Suggestions for Treatment

Dr. Kinakin is a chiropractor, certified strength and conditioning specialist and a certified personal trainer. He has also competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting for over 30 years. He regularly lectures across Canada and United States to doctors and personal trainers on the areas of weight-training, rehabilitation.

In this Muscle Building exclusive interview, Dr. Kinakin teaches us about the 3 types of most common injuries in people who train with weights; Damaged, De-conditioned and Dysfunctional. He discusses treatment options and how do I determine if you have a muscle joint nerve or biochemical dysfunction.

Not to be missed from a doctor who presents regularly at the Arnold Festival and is the founder of the Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists (Swis) 

Dr. Ken Kinakin

The SHRED - 5 Concepts to Anchor Your Muscle Growth

The Muscle Building Summit extends a gracious thank you to Tommy Europe!

Best known as the tough love television host of the “The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp” and “Bulging Brides” Tommy Europe is Canada’s most recognized and sought-after fitness coach.

Tommy presents his SHRED philosophy in this exclusive Masters of Motivation interview for the Muscle Building Summit. 

Tommy Europe

How to Stay Motivated and on Track When Life Gets Crazy and Results are Slow!

Non emotional data is one of the measures of progress Mario Tomic uses with his clients in order to stay on track when the results are not coming as fast as we would like them to. We are surrounded by images of so called “inspiration” that in fact do very little, if anything at all, to get us of the couch and to the gym.

Mario teaches us how self-judgment is a far more data based and effective motivational tool that comparison. Your “why” may change over time and no longer be good enough to motivate you. Stay motivated based on factual progress, not your emotions.

Mario Tomic

Optimal and Reasonable Expectations for
Muscle Development

Given various factors; diet, body type etc., how much muscle can I reasonably expect to gain in a month to one year, naturally? The numbers vary wildly depending on who you ask, so ask a pro!

Menno Henselmans has trained counties clients including champion bodybuilders and he brings his practical experience and data to bear on this hotly contested topic to the Muscle Building Summit.

Are there going to be phases were I gain at a faster and slower pace, and if so, why does this occur?

How much rest is typically needed for muscle repair and growth between workouts?

How do I know if I am overtraining and not “just tired?”

These are just some of the questions Menno addresses in this Muscle Building Summit exclusive interview. Menno also discusses how the popular Ketogenic diet approach works in relation to muscle building.

Menno Henselmans


Establishing the Right Training Approach for Hard Gainers -Skinny Guys

What do you get when a real life rocket scientist brings his science based approach to muscle building? You get a rock solid approach that packed 20 Lb of lean muscle on a super skinny/skinny fat kid named Jason Maxwell.

This information loaded interview is one of two go-to sessions for the super skinny guy, featuring Jason.

Jason teaches us the importance of rest periods for max gaining, specifically for total body and isolation exercises, and how this impacts mechanical tension in the muscle. He covers how often and how to train to failure for maximum gains and using scientifically proven ways and his own success story. You will know when to move to isolation from a total body routine.

Jason Maxwell

Lifting Weights To Get Lean and Toned, Not Bulky

Katie Schmidt speaks from her experience as an in demand trainer on what women need to focus on in their resistance training to get the feminine look they are after.

Topics include:

How to get lean without bulking, is there a way I should/should not be training?

A lot of people “wing it/fad addicts.” They get the latest magazine and hop on the 30 day challenge wagon. What is the problem with this, isn’t it a great way to stay motivated?

Diet alone is not going to change your body composition, and we know you can’t spot reduce. Are there different phases of exercise I should be doing?

As a female, should I focus on split body VS total body training for lean muscle building?

Katie Leandra

Muscle and Function in Everyday Life -
Masters of Motivation

At 14 years of age, Dai Manuel looked in the mirror after having been ridiculed at school and decided that enough was enough.

He put all of his energy into a transformation that would eventually lead him to peak physical and mental shape. Dai discusses how he packed muscle on his body quickly and kept it on despite being involved in high aerobic and anaerobic activities such as CrossFit.

In this Muscle Building Summit Masters of Motivation highlight, Dai covers practical applications such as the importance of hormone profiling, as well as the inner issues that brought him face to face with the biggest challenges, in and out of the gym, at various stages of his life, the WHY aspect.

What if you don’t know your WHY, what if it changes?

Dai Manuel

Developing a Productive Mindset When Not Seeing Results In Your Muscle Gain -
Masters of Motivation

Topics include:

Overcoming mental weaknesses

How to overcome the “I don’t feel like doing it” we all face from time to time

Flipping the switch on the Monday morning dread

Coaching yourself to remain patient as seasons of life and training change

Ben Coomber

Lucas Rubkiewicz


Realizing Your New Body and Attitudes with Weight Training

Topics discussed include:

Making the mind muscle connection

How hormones affect your body’s ability to create lean tissue

How body type affects how woman’s musculature may appear

How weight training empowers you, not just in the gym

Raw food protein sources

How after competing she was amazed that she gained 30 Lb and how she got her body back!

Laura London

Building Muscle in the Gym. Where do I start?

So you have made the most important decision of all; you are going to get started! But how you get started, the right or wrong way can impact you for the rest of your life.

Thankfully, fitness auhority Ben Coomber has trained thousands of people with the same questions and he is here to make sure you get started the right way!

Topics include:

What exercises I should focus on the first time I walk into a gym

Should I focus on high reps and lighter weight, or lower reps and heavier weight

 How heavy should I lift and when should I increase the weight I am using

 How many times per week I should train for optimal muscle growth

Ben Coomber

Ben Coomber

Lies and Myths About Muscle Building -
the Hall of Shame

Which is better in preserving muscle - LIIS or HIIT cardio?

Is it true that high reps are what I should do for more muscle definition?

Can I consume carbs after 6pm and still promote muscle growth without adding fat?

Do I need to eat gluten free to lose fat and gain muscle?

What is the best muscle building diet in the world?

and other myths about muscle building are debunked, once and for all!!

Phil Graham

Optimal and Realistic "I Can Do This Everyday" Nutrition -
for Women Who Weight Train

Protein is such a buzz word these days, is it really THAT important for women? Isn’t it more a Bro-Science weightlifter issue? Women are being told they are taking in too much protein, or not enough. What about ”everything in balance?

Jaime Morocco will teach you what your optimal levels of protein and other macronutrients are and how supplement your protein through various means including an evaluation of whey, hemp, isolate and how/what should a female eat for body recomposition.

Jaime Morocco


Science Based Nutrition for Optimal Recovery and Growth

What is protein synthesis and how does it relate to recovery? Can timing my macros (protein) intake throughout the day affect my recovery? Can this dose be complemented, or compromised, depending on what else I ingest at the same time?

As far as intake on a per meal occurrence, is there an optimal dose?

The role of nutrition in hypertrophy cannot be overstated. Joseph Agu addresses these points and more in this exclusive Muscle Build Summit interview!

Joseph Agu

Simple Eating and Meal Planning to Promote Muscle Building

If you are busy guy, imagine how busy a guy Ethan Hyde is, as Men’s Health Magazine Australia’s Top Trainer! Ethan has simmered his muscle eating plan down to 5 laws, which he shares with you in this interview.

With a background as a devout Vegan, Ethan knows which foods optimize muscle building in a variety of applications as he trains his clients for speedy meal prep. Hear how he brings meal planing down for an entire day, or even more in mere minutes and how he incorporates the right types of carbs to keep energy high!

If your goal is optimize your training for adding lean muscle to your frame and burning fat in your sleep, he's your guy.

Ethan Hyde

Optimizing Nutrition for Hypertrophy - Protein Intensive

Protein Distribution

No protein = no muscle! But there is a way protein intake should be planned along with other macros in oder to create an optimal environment for hypertrophy.

Jump Iraki brings his passion and technical knowledge to teach you how much protein to consume and when to consume it. For example; If my protein retirement for hypertrophy is 180g, is there a difference in optimizing for muscle growth if consume that protein in 3 servings of 60? Doesn’t protein get wasted/secreted? Or is there a specific way to divide the intake?

Jump expands the conversation to include overall caloric intake and timing.

Juma covers this and much more in this intensely focused Muscle Building Exclusive interview.

Juma Iraki

Eating to Build Muscle - The Diet Approach of an IFBB Pro 

You can lift heavy, you can lift light, it just won't matter if nutrition's not right! Sounds like they lyrics of a hit song? No, it's the truth!

Chris Johnson, IFBB Pro, teaches you all about  macros, cycling carbohydrates, specific protein ratios and all of the basics you need to build muscle. What to eat, when to eat it and even how he does all of this without counting calories!

Chris Johnson IFBB PRO


Vegan and Raw Eating Options To Promote Muscle Creation and Vital Supplementation

Not everyone who wants to put on muscle is a meat eater, and the good news is that you do not need to be! However, there are considerations in supplementation and protein intake that must be addressed in order to create the ideal conditions for muscle creation.

Melissa Pancini, Certified Holistic Nutritionist is here to make sure your body gets what it needs!

Topics include:

Combining foods to create complete proteins

Supplementation sources and recommendations

How to identify and address nutrient deficiencies.

Melissa Pancini

Creating Effective Pre and Post Workout Meals

Monica May, fitness coach and also the girl behind the fitness blog Fit Girl's Diary educates us on Pre and Post Workout nutrition options.

Topics include:

What is the importance of proper pre and post-workout nutrition

Is a pre-workout, or post-workout  meal best consumed in a liquid form or as whole foods

Ideas and recipes for on-the-go liquid meals

Food selection for sit-down meals

Macro selection for pre and post training meals.

Monica May

Monica May

Periodization - Master Session

What is periodization and what is its’ purpose?

What are the role of stabilizer endurance, maximal strength and a forward engineered vs reverse engineered approach? What about the effect of tempo + contraction types on hypertrophy? What is the true, scientific value of varying your workout plan over time and not just doing so because you heard you should? 

Karsten discusses functional differentiation and how to target different muscle groups by manipulating a number of width grip combinations.

Although that is just scratching the surface of this key process in any fitness journey, especially muscle building for males and females, our Muscle Building Summit export Karsten Jensen breaks this down to understandable and actionable information in this exclusive interview!

Karsten Jensen

You’ve Got It, Now How Do you Keep It?
The Sustainability Game - Masters of Motivation

The Muscle Building Summit extends a warm thank you to Tommy Europe!

In his career as a professional football player, top fitness authority and stunt performed, Tommy has sustained an elite level physique. In this Muscle Building Summit exclusive with our host, Marco Girgenti, Tommy discusses sustainability and how to keep what you have worked so hard for as the years keep on ticking!

Best known as the tough love television host of the “The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp” and “Bulging Brides” Tommy Europe is Canada’s most recognized and sought-after fitness coach.

Tommy Europe


How to Structure Your Programs for the Entire Year

Katie Schmidt speaks from her experience as an in demand trainer and program designer on how to plan an entire year of training in a practical way that fits into your lifestyle!

How to plan your entire year of training.

What are the phases of such a program look like.

Katie Leandra

Muscle Building Training and Nutrition for Diabetics

Insulin, metabolism, sugar, what can a fitness committed diabetic do?

Phil Graham knows exactly what to do!

The ability to gain muscle is highly specific to an individual’s genetics, baseline hormone levels and day to day activity. Many of these factors change as we age, reducing our capacity to gain muscle as we age. In other words, Muscle mass increases as we age up until a certain point.

Uncontrolled diabetes is a state of undernutrition. Lack of insulin reduces the body’s ability to utilise nutrients (fuel) properly.

If nutrients can’t get into cells performance (stimulus) and recovery will be negatively affected limiting muscle growth. Hyperglycemia increases muscle protein breakdown and limits the protein synthesis – the process of creating new proteins. On the other hand, hypoglycemia steals energy and mental focus making training difficult and in many cases dangerous

Phil suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and spends a considerable amount of time helping other people living with diabetes overcome obstacles and get the most out of life, especially when it comes to fitness, muscle building and fat loss

Phil Graham

The Roles of Power and Strength Training In Relation to Hypertrophy Goals

Christian Bosse brings his Olympic level coaching to an interview discussing the correlation between strength training and mass building.

Topics include:

How long should the cycles power and strength be and where do these fit when the goal is hypertophy

Is nutrition different for strength and power as compared to hypertrophy

Can you increase strength to any significant degree with non-weight exercises

If my goal is to build muscle, do I focus on endurance, getting stronger, or building the must muscle I can first

Core techniques used for Olympic athletes 

Christian Bosse


Broken Metabolism!

We know statistically that millions of people, predominantly women, have dieted over and over for weight loss, but there is another angle to this. What happens to your body's ability to create lean tissue when you have starved it and how can you correct/repair this? Lean tissue is metabolically active and it must be preserved!

Does this condition affect women differently than men because of estrogen and other female specific factors? Join Jaime Morocco, as she teaches you what this condition is and how to set a plan for recovery.

Jaime Morocco

The Role of Metabolism in Muscle Building (male and female)

They way your body uses food to maintain life is one thing, but how you can work with your metabolism to create an optimal muscle growth environment is anther specialty altogether. Learn how to use your metabolism to your advantage.

Brad Dieter PhD,  discusses issues that affect both males and females as well as hyper and hypothyroid, why women have a harder time creating lean mass than men do and what can be done to "even the scales" so to speak.

Brad Dieter PhD

Resetting A Damaged Metabolism - Master Session

If you have ever dieted for muscle gain or fat loss, the chances are you have flirted with caloric numbers that are at opposite extremes of highs and lows. Your body did all it could to adapt but now it seems that no matter how little or how much you eat, there is no progress and you are completely stuck.

Like a dead car battery needs a boost, your metabolism needs a jumpstart and Certified Holistic Nutritionist Melissa Pancini is here with her booster cables and all the info you need to hit RESET!

Melissa Pancini

Optimizing and Manipulating Muscle Fiber Types for Hypertrophy - Master Session

Of course, optimal hypertrophy depends on a number of factors and muscle fiber stimulation is right at the top of the genetic heap.

What if your fiber type defines you as a more of a natural endurance type athlete, but you want to pack on muscle?Is there a way to target these fibres and induce change? If so, is this accomplished through, diet rep ranges, loads?

Dr. Michael Israetel has the answers in the Muscle Building Summit Master Session Exclusive.

Dr. Michael Israetel PhD


Elite Level Supplementation - Master Session

Juma Iraki goes deep into essential and non-essential supplementation as he discusses bioavailability of various delivery methods, the essential supplements needed for peak conditioning, pre, post and intra-workout combinations. How BCAA’s can affect your mood and the proper way of incorporating supplements in a measured approach to avoid conflicts in interaction. Does coffee really dehydrate you? Pre workout optimal caffeine intake and its’ effects on DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

Omega 3 and its effect on insulin, how to spot low quality protein powders, the difference in various iron supplements, multivitamins, magnesium and the grades in which they are produced. How to guard against iron deficiencies, optimal intake for creatine and much more.

This is an intensive master session that you will want to watch again and again.

Juma Iraki

Training for Muscle -
Changing as we age and Effect On Hormones

Join Laura London Board Certified Health Counsellor (AADP), holistic weight loss coach & fitness specialist as she addresses women on

Topics include:

How she had never played sports and decided to go into fitness as a competitor in her 40’s!

Making peace with the number on the scale when it might even go up!

How stress can sabotage your plans for a fitter, firmer body, even if you are weight training.

Laura London

Macros, Micros and Muscle! 

Do micronutrients greatly impact the ability to increase muscle?  Are there foods that can sabotage and "stick" your metabolism like it's got a parking break on it?  If it's basically all about calories in/calories out, can I just stick to my macros, train and produce muscle?

Brad Dieter PhD, will teach you what micronutrients are keys to muscle building and what can happen if you only focus on calories!

Brad Dieter PhD

Is Your Metabolism Damaged?

Are your muscle building efforts being sabotaged because your metabolism is damaged?

Menno Henselmans brings his extensive experience and analytical practices to the Muscle Building Summit of experts as he examines why metabolic damage is on the rise and what it means for your muscle gains.

Can your metabolism be rebooted or have you dieted to the point where it is too far gone? Who is most likely to be affected by metabolic damage?

Menno has answers and practical applications to help get you back on track!

Menno Henselmans


Controlling Muscle Growth Through Protein Synthesis

Since protein synthesis is such key factors in hypertrophy, can these be used to in essence control muscle growth, when complemented with proper training? Can we meal plan in a specific way so as to bolster such control? Since there is breakdown that occurs in the muscle tissue, is it possible to minimize this but maximize the synthesis at the same time?

Joseph Agu addresses teaches us how to plan our food intake to best control our muscle growth though protein synthesis.

Joseph Agu

Massive Arms - Massive Motivation ! From the man who documented a 2 and 3/16 inch arm pump in 45 minutes!

 The Muscle Building Summit welcomes Darin Steen!

In this free interview, Darin opens up as only he can on motivation and visualization, before going deep into his training techniques on overall development then laser sharp focusing on arm training. Darin covers his manipulation and tweaks on : 






Slow reps

Isometric connections and touch techniques

Lighting the fire on the last 2 reps

His day split and how he targets arms

Weak point training timing and how he recovers from injuries naturally/holistically.

Darin Steen

Mastering Range of Motion and Pre-Exhaustion

Go too far on a lift, or not far enough and you won’t get the result you are looking for. There is a sweet spot, a place to begin, contract and end and if you can master it you will experience faster and greater gains.

What is the role of range of motion in hypertrophy? How do I establish it properly?

What happens when you become precise about pre-exhausting a muscle, how do you do with peak efficiency and why it has an important effect on hypertrophy.

The Muscle Building Summit extends a grateful welcome and thank you for this master session to
Dr. John Rusin PT, DPT, CSCS, ART, FDN1, FMS1-2, SFMA

Dr. John Rusin

Core Galore! 
The TVA, Your Secret Weapon in Optimal Core Development Master Session

In her only session for males and females, Susan Arruda teaches you about the TVA (Transversus Abdmominis) and the key role it has played in her core training. Susan goes in depth on the essence of core training and the muscular structure of your midsection, exercises to target the various abdominal walls and why the TVA is nearly always the very first muscle to trigger in any movement, whether in the gym, or not.

Learn what the optimal frequency is for training abs and what the structure of a full core workout should be, from a 6 time fitness champion.

Susan Arruda


Mastering Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (SAID) and the Overload Principle

Your muscle will not grow unless you learn to master the SAID principle. However, there is a wrong way and a right way to master this!

Today IFBB Physique Pro Chris Johnson will teach you the most effective ways to start growing and keep growing using the same approaches that helped win him his titles. This is a Muscle Building Summit exclusive interview!

Chris Johnson


Flawless Form in Setup and Lifting - Master Session

Sure, you can read articles, cheat your way through certain exercises, but sooner or later your gains are going to be compromised, or worse, you will wind up injured!

Form has a direct effect on hypertrophy!

Learn how to set up thought tension, torque and stability through the trunk. Ladies, this is a must listen for you as well! Master the the one essential skill you must perfect in your from in order to be “flawless,” and the checklist for a proper, flawless set up!

The Muscle Building Summit extends a grateful welcome and thank you for this master session to Dr. John Rusin PT, DPT, CSCS, ART, FDN1, FMS1-2, SFMA

Dr. John Rusin

Non-Equipment Activity that can Produce Muscle - body weight resistance

If I have a fully stocked gym at my disposal with every tool imaginable, where do bodyweight exercises fit in and which are the most effective as mass builders?

John Sifferman goes in depth on how to build muscle using nature's natural gym; your body.

John Sifferman

Should Women and Men Train the Same, or Are the Principles Different?

Susan Arruda, 48 year old mom of 2 and 6 time fitness champion is back for another women focused Master Session.

Susan discuses women specific muscle building approaches and how to avoid the stocky, bulky look most women are trying to avoid. Discover the 3 times in life that a woman is most prone to gain fat and how to approach training during pregnancy.

There are indeed some principles women and men share for muscle building, (find out if bench pressing is one of them) and which principles Susan has most used over her 35+ years of training to maintain a year round, fit physique well into her 40’s.

Susan Arruda


The Core of the Matter - Abs Master Session

Go beyond traditional core training with a world champion martial artist! Tomm Voss shares his take on how to build a core that will perform and sustain you when you call on it to come up big.

Learn how to include training techniques from the eastern world to round out, and even “chisel out” your core training. Isometrics and a variety of dynamic and functional moves for strength and power, and hey, abs that are photo ready like Tomm’s are, prove you can have “go” as well as “show.”

Tomm Voss

 Scrawny To Brawny - Ectomorph Focus

Should beginners worry about increasing their calories when first starting out to build muscle?

Should I focus more on a certain macronutrient like protein or carbs

How useful are protein supplements?

What's the best training frequency for beginners who want to build muscle?

Is there a way to measure intensity?

When should one make the switch from doing compound exercises to using more isolation exercises?

Mike Samuels

How to Increase Width and Thickness of the Back -
Master Class

If you want to develop thickness and wings, Darin Steen's got your back!

Darin discusses his personal techniques for back development.Is there a place for machines in your training?What are his essential exercisesHow pulldowns can sabotage your back widthAngles and grips on lifts and bar setupThe back widening exercise Darin and and Dorian Yates agree on, which is often used incorrectly!The proper use of wide grip and narrow grip pulldownsWhere special moves like behind the neck pulldowns belongHow to increase grip strength and other personalized approaches from “The Trainer of the Trainers” in this Muscle Building Summit exclusive interview!

Darin Steen

Creating a Split Program - Follow the Split of an IFBB PRO
Master Session

When it's time to get serious about muscle separation and fine tuning, it's time to "split" from a total body routine.

In this session, Chris Johnson IFBB Physique Pro, not only discusses the concepts of creating a split routine and when you know it's time, he is going to give you his split routine exercise by exercise. You will come away with the split routine of a champion.

Chris Johnson IFBB PRO


Training with Weights to Develop Lean and Toned Legs
Master Session

Susan Arruda is a mom of 2 in her late 40's with 6 championship fitness titles to her name.

Susan speaks to women specifically on all matters of leg training and why they are such a trouble spot for women, from cellulite, to thunder thighs, to fat storage, the battle for drop dead hot legs is on and CAN be won. Susan will NOT teach you how to train for size in this interview , but to train for a sleek look and definition. You can choose to train your legs to anatomy chart level definition, as she did to capture those titles, or set a target for fitter and firmer legs. Susan Arruda is proud to say she has never used any types of drugs and that her physique was built over 35 of consistent hard work.

Susan Arruda

Most Muscle in Mere Minutes -
speedy muscle building for the busy guy or girl!

Ethan Hyde brings his skills as Men’s Health Magazine Australia’s Top Trainer to the Muscle Building Summit to teach busy guys and gals how to get maximum results when you have minimal time.

 What exercises or type of routine should I focus on as an “on the go” person? 

Will I benefit most from a compound or split approach when I am short on time?

How can I make the best muscle building food choices when I know I will be at a business luncheon on convention so I do not sabotage my gains?

Ethan Hyde

Creating a Total Body Program

Not all total body programs are created equally, Chris Johnson IFBB Pro has a system that propelled him to an award winning physique.

Chris goes in depth on the most effective exercises, rep ranges and programming in this Muscle Building Summit exclusive. You will come away with a "ready to go" total body program you can use immediately.

Chris Johnson IFBB PRO

Building a Massive Powerful Chest - Total Development
Master Session

Loads, reps, tweaks and cheats from a master chest builder, Jeff Nippard.

Jeff discusses angles, rests, between set strategies and his personal chest training approach and programming in this hyper-focused, for the guys MUST see chest session!

Jeff Nippard


The 5 Worst Muscle Building Mistakes

Discover the 5 things the average gym goer needs to correct in their training and nutrition to start seeing amazing results.

Mario discusses the 5 most common and worst mistakes everyone who trains needs to address to increase their progress and gains tenfold.

Mario Tomic

Best Exercise Selection and Programming for Women To Develop a Balanced and Sleek Physique

Where should a woman who has had no training experience whatsoever start when first entering the gym? This can be a point of confusion and intimidation for even the most confident woman!

Susan Arruda brings her 35+ years of training experience to the Muscle Building Summit in an interview that lays out exactly how a woman should structure her workouts, which exercise she should begin with, her training frequency and much more.

Susan again visits women specific pieces such as training through pregnancy, including how much weight you should realistically and healthily expect to gain in “baby” weight. Susan also discusses the shifts that take place over decades as it relates to training philosophy, practices and muscle loss as it pertains to women.

Susan Arruda

Techniques To Use For Advanced Muscle Building.
How do I keep Making Progress?

You may have been training for a while and made some progress, but many people start with a bang, and then they hit a wall. Why does this happen?

Ben Coomber teaches you exactly what to do so you can advance your muscle building and ensure you will keep progressing!

Topics include:

If I play a sport, should I train specifically for it in the gym

Do I need to build strength to aid in hypertrophy now that I have made some preogress

Do I need to lift heavier in order to progress

When do I know to increase the weight I am using and by how much

How do I ensure my gains continue to be consistent

What are the optimal rep ranges for strength, endurance and muscle building.

Ben Coomber

Ben Coomber

Daily Undulating Periodization

Topics include:

what is daily undulating periodization and how can it help you take your training to the next level?

How long a cycle of DUP lasts and is it composed of training blocks?

How is the DUP approach best applied to? beginner, intermediate or advanced?

Should one change their diet to complement this type of training?

Is there a particular length of DUP block/is the exercise variety increasing between DUP blocks?

Ben Coomber

Mike Samuels


Using Data to Overcome Muscle Building Plateaus

After the "honeymoon" phase ends, that of the beginner seeing results no matter what he or she does, it is time to get tactical about what to do next.

Mario Tomic goes deeper into progression models and how to balance progress vs recovery to minimize plateaus. He discusses the Fitness and Fatigue Model how this effects progress and sabotages adaptation and how reactive de-loading plays a key role in setting up for consistent gains.

Mario Tomic

How Inflammation Can Damage Your Muscle Building Efforts

Inflammation can be misread as "training pain" if it is not recognized properly.  It is a condition that can not only greatly compromise your body's ability to create muscle, but also  cause all kinds of other serious complications. What you eat and what you don't eat has a direct effect on the degree of inflammation you will experience.

In this Muscle Building Summit exclusive,  martial arts world champion Tomm Voss pulls from his experience with natural remedies, eastern training practices and his biology degree to educate you on foods and techniques to reduce inflammation so you can train more often with less pain for greater hypertrophy, 

Tomm Voss

Reverse Engineering Muscle Building

"Why do we wait until something goes wrong and then be forced to fix it, instead of just doing things the right way in the first place?" This is just one thought provoking piece Ian Walling brings to this Muscle Building Summit exclusive interview.

At 55, Ian Walling has been in the fitness world some thirty years. He is the winner of several international natural bodybuilding titles including 1998 Mr. Natural Universe he  has watched people make every mistake imaginable in their training and worked hard to help them.

With his "Inside/Out" holistic approach, you will know what to look for if you are experiencing difficulties in progress, make adjustments so you can address scar tissue and more, in this Masters of Motivation Interview.

Ian Walling

Biohacking and Muscle Gain

In the Edge Phase of the Muscle Building Summit, Eric Morison discusses what bio-hacking is and its relevance in muscle building.

Topics discussed include:

The concept of food as an energetic signaller.

How your genes are a collection of templates for who you are but, the actual control of which template gets used comes from a number of variables and how one in particular unlocks the right template.

You will also hear about how your ability to produce muscle at an optimal level and your fitness in general are affected by circadian matches.

From his competitive days as a bodybuilder and coach, Eric also speaks practically on the psychological effects of being muscular and then losing your muscle mass

Eric Morrison


Biorhythms and Circadian Rhythm’s Effects on Hypertrophy

Many people who weight train or are into fitness of any type are often looking for an edge, the next new thing. However, there are natural occurrences in our everyday lives that are very important when it comes to muscle building for males or females that are overlooked.

Learn how biorhythms and circadian rhythms can promote or sabotage your muscle building efforts from Borge Fagerli, who has produced National, Nordic and World Champions by incorporating these factors into his training approach.

Borge Fagerli

The Effect of Gravity on Muscle Building -
Finding Your Center - Master Session

In life, gym or not, we have a constant companion called gravity. Ian Walling has been training himself and others for decades. In this interview, he brings us a particularly insightful perspective on gravity and its’ effect on training for muscle and on our bodies. 

Learn how dead weight is literally crushing your gains and body and how gravity accelerates this process. Ian discusses how to work with gravity and train from the centre-point as Ian does with his "grid system."

Ian Walling

The Only Body Type, is No Body Type - Master Session

Entire fitness industries have been created on the premise that there are 3-4 body types. What if there are not 3 body types, but only one, or none at all?

How do you define someone who perhaps has a hypothyroid issue and stores fat with their muscle gain, whose condition through some means is reversed and his/her thyroid normalizes. Because of this new shift in their ability to gain muscle, do we now identify them by another one of those 3 classifications, or are they classed as something else altogether?

What happens to reps, nutrition? Do you drag those classic body type definitions into your “trash” icon?

Dr. Michael Israetel challenges the status quo in this thought provoking Muscle Building exclusive interview.

Dr. Michael Israetel PhD

What Super Skinny Guys Can Do To Build Muscle

Jason Maxwell the rocket scientist, no really, he is one, is back! 

In this interview Jason will teach the super skinny guys how to build meals, using sold food and
"Super-shake" combos. You will learn how to plan out your meal intake. Jason gives us a simple formula to calculate exactly how many calories the hard gainer needs to eat in order to pack on muscle.

Jason also breaks out his training program approach for the super skinny guy. He goes into detail on exercise selection and rep ranges and incorporating isolation exercises to establish the mind-muscle connection. Jason addresses overcoming fears at the gym when you are surrounded by "bigger" guys.

Jason Maxwell


Eastern Approach for Peak Muscle and Physique Building

Tomm Voss moved his training from that of a competitive bodybuilder to that of a world champion martial artist. All along the way he kept his musculature in top shape and refined a physique that landed him numerous covers on industry leading fitness magazines and commercials. 

In this interview, Tomm discusses what type of exercises and philosophies he incorporates to maintain his lean mass, including how to bring your body to a state of awareness where it is primed for maximum muscle growth and overall health. Learn how he includes a variety of exercises that include body weight and isometrics so as to never plateau.

Tomm Voss

Occlusion Training for Max Muscle Building!

Whether it is referred to as Kaatsu/Bloodlfow Resitriction Training, Occlusion Training is a hotly debated topic and yet it is a training system many pros use to supercharge their gains.

Is it right for you, is it safe? Borge Fagerli, who has produced National, Nordic and World Champions by incorporating into his training approach, goes in depth on all things Occlusion including what it can do for your hypertrophy, who benefits the most, who should/should not do it and how to practice it safely.

Borge Fagerli

ATP Production Inhibitors

In this Edge Phase of the Muscle Building Summit, Eric Morrison continues his broader discussion of bio-hacking, but gets specific about ATP production and inhibition, a vital component of any muscle building goal.

Topics discussed include?

Why you need to do everything possible to first remove all the things from your life that are preventing your baseline energy or ATP production, so you can create the best environment for muscle building and peak health.

Understanding that to our brain, surviving is more important than building big muscles; we have to learn how to work with this reality and not against it.

How you can manipulate your environment to where you are actually increasing the ability of your mitochondria to produce more energy.

Eric Morrison

Incorporating Olympic Strength and Conditioning Training to your Squat and Core

Christian Bosse brings his Olympic level coaching to an interview discussing the correlation between strength training and these 2 benchmark strength and mass building exercises

Topics discussed include:

Which are the best squat variations for overall development
Should you overload planks and other core exercises and if so when
Instability training. What does this type of training produce in relation to hypertrophy, if any
Hyperextensions, where these fit in training the trunk and how to overload this safely, as well as rep ranges

Christian Bosse

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After his 150 lb. ongoing permanent weight loss, Marco certified as a Personal Trainer Specialist and won awards as a fitness consultant, breaking records at national gym chains. He is the author of “Starving to be Fat,” and the sales book “How I Sold $1 Million of Personal Training.”

GET ACCESS TO 60+ Master Sessions 

The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

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